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Statistics: Ronaldinho is better than Kaka in this season
Statistics: Ronaldinho is better than Kaka in this season

"Corriere dello Sport," the Italian newspaper report notes that the playmaker of AC Milan, Ronaldinho was better and more decisive than his former compatriot Kaka in AC Milan, Real Madrid now.

The Italian newspaper said: "In the last two games between Milan and Real Madrid in the Champions League Ronaldinho managed to left his mark in the second game by scoring the equalizing goal for his team, while Kaka did not appear in the first match, and appeared slightly better in the second match in San Siro stadium , but he did not manage to leave a clear mark by scoring in any of the games. "

The report also deals with the performance of the players in their teams in local leagues, where it said: "Despite the difference of the Italian league from the Spanish counterpart, but both players have five goals with their teams, but in view of the other statistics Ronaldinho is clearly superior than Kaka, Ronaldinho made two goals for Borriello against Parma, two for Pato against Siena, and also the winning goal against Roma for Batu, in addition to that Ronaldinho scored a crucial goal against Atlanta.

The newspaper concluded its report by saying: "At this moment, all evidence suggests that Ronaldinho with AC Milan has a specific weight greater than that left by Kaka with Real, and that what it may bring to mind the sounds that confirmed that Peres made a mistake in contracting with Kaka for 65 million euros, and Ronaldinho has succeeded to make a distinctive effort with Milan, that makes them forget the efforts of the former star Ricardo Kaka "

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